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Who We Are ?

Brake Panel

Locomatics is a manufacturer of high quality pneumatic valves and test benches for the Locomotives and wagons widely used in railroad industries. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company fully equipped with manufacturing facilities and high standard product testing equipments to the International Standard Level and the testing system ensures that each product meets the required high standard quality

A Premier engineering company born in the year 1989 based in HOSUR was promoted by Mr. M.Anandam who has vast experience in Locomotive brake equipment system by serving in Indian Railways, Nigirain Railway Corporation – Nigiria and SCL, RPD - Hosur.

The Company has been serving the Non-Railway customers to more than 25 years, offers Pneumatic valves and Testing equipments for the Locomotives and wagons.

It has a strong service team to provide assistance and supervision during installation and commissioning of Pure Air Brake System on the existing Locomotives and wagons. The Company also offers services such as overhauling and repair for shunting Locomotive Brake equipments.

The work staffs of Locomatics have a strong belief that even the best can made better. Keeping this ideology in mind the team is working round the clock to improve further its quality and bring at smile on the face of the customers.

Our Achievements

  • Developed Brake Equipment Test Bench for testing Locomotive WABCO Type Brake valves and supplied to Indian Railways.
  • Developed Electro pneumatic Engine Governor.
  • Developed Pneumatic Speed Cylinder and Forward / Reverse Cylinder for transmission operation on shunting locomotives.
  • Suitable Air Brake Panels for the shunting Locomotives.
Driver Instrumental Panel
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