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Air Dryer   -   Locomatics Product

The Air Brake System plays a vital role providing safety by controlling the Locomotive. As the air supplied from the compressor is moist and contaminated with dust particles, it may lead to malfunctioning of the brake equipments. In order to remove moisture and such particles and avoid malfunctioning of the brake system, it is necessary to provide the Air Dryer and filters to supply purified air to the Locomotive Air Brake System.

The Air Dryer are provided with desiccant materials to absorb the moisture nd removes other particles such as dust etc and ensures that clean dry air is supplied to the Locomotive Air Brake Equipments.

ANU Loco Air Dryer for Locomotive

ANU Loco Air Dryer are Non-Electrical, heatless and regenerating air dryer. The cycle of operation pneumatically controlled and it is a universal that can be fitted on Diesel Hydraulic Locomotives or Diesel Electric Locomotives or Electrical Locomotives it does not require electrical connection nor electrical control system.

  • We did not just make another Air Dryer
  • We created a pneumatic revolution
  • No Electrical control system
  • Simple, Compact and easy maintenance
  • Cycle of operation automatically operated when the compressor air rises to 6.0 kg/cm²
  • All valves are manifold type for easy maintenance
  • Dryer desiccant, Pre-filter element and Fine-filter element are cartridge type and easy replacement.
  • More efficient and trouble free.
  • Low cost maintenance.
  • No electrical connection required.
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