Universal Locomotive Air Brake valves Test Device. (Patent No. 304896)

India's 1st Patent on Locomotive Air Brake valves performance testing test Device. i.e Innovation on safety device for Railway Locomotive Brake equipment.

Received patent on 24.12.2018 and Locomatics is proud to announce that the patent product received order form Railways, manufactured, Supplied and commissioned the test device at Diesel Loco Shed, Erode, Southern Railway and satisfied all the standards to maintain 100% performance of the brake valves.


Combined Feed valve (Patent pending application No. 201641033218)

Combined Feed valve is a regulating valve has a high flow capacity and mainly designed and developed for Railway twin pipe air brake system. Locomotics Feed valve approved by Railway authorities RDSO / Lucknow for ALCO,EMD and Electric Locomotives.

Locomatics Combined Feed valve are very suitable for Multiple unit Locomotive operation.


Automatic Locomotive Air Dryer (Patent pending application No. 201641006139)

The Automatic Locomotive Air Dryer that can remove the moisture from air supplied from the compressor air. The air dryer also ensures that only clean dry air is supplied to Locomotive air brake equipment.

The dryer cyclic operation of the twin chamber are controlled and actuated by a pneumatic control valve. There is No Electrical connections, No pressure switch, No Electro pneumatic valves and No Electro Control timer in their Locomatics Air Dryer.

Locomatics Air Dryer are very simple, easy to maintenance and purely controls the system pneumatically. Automatic Locomotive Air dryer 2 no’s were manufactured and one in endurance test bench past 2 years and working and the other one supplied to M/s. Tata Steel Ltd WDS-6 Locomotive. Efforts are on to manufacture the Locomotive air dryer at our Locomatics Technologies Private Limited / Mysuru unit for export and for the Indian Railway Locomotives.


Small wagon Air Brake System

Locomatics suitably designed, developed and supplied 160 sets of Fail Safe Air Brake System for M/s. Chettinad Cement Corporation Ltd / Karur to run the train safely.

Locomatics designed, developed and supplied the Pure Air Brake System with Brake Panel for the WDS-6 Locomotive and imported Locomotives for the Non-Railway customers


ANU Distributor valve

Locomatics designed, developed ANU Distributor valve for the existing Non-Railway Locomotives to haul Air Brake train.

Electro Pneumatic Engine Governor

Locomatics designed and developed and supplied suitable Electro pneumatic Engine Governor for Bhilai Steel Plant / Bhilai for their imported Locomotives.


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