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Made in India

Locomotive Air Brake systems and all related Pneumatic Equipments needs clean dry air to achieve the maximum performance and reliability. ANU Automatic Air Dryer is a device for removing moisture and observes water and supplies clean dry air continuously to the Locomotive Air Brake system.

ANU Automatic Air Dryer is suitable for any brand of Locomotives such as GE, EMD, ALCO and Electric Locomotives.

ANU Automatic Air Dryer (AAA Dryer) is a Simple Compact, Easy maintenance and pneumatically operated air dryer. In this air dryer there is No Electrical connection and the cycling of operation purely pneumatic. i.e there is No Electronic timer, No Electro Pneumatic valves and No Pressure Switches.

ANU Automatic Air Dryer cycling of operations are controlled by the pure pneumatic timer. AAA Dryer inlet valves and outlet valves are pneumatically operated and manifold mounted type for easy maintenance. Further the Pre-filter element, Fine-Filter element and Air dryer desiccants are cartridge type for easy replacement.


Locomotive Air Brake Valves Test Device.
Patent No: 304896

Made in India

Locomotive Brake valves Test Device is to check the performance of every individual WABCO Brake valves. Such as A-9 Automatic Brake valve, SA-9 Independent Brake valve C2w Relay valve, N-1 Reducing valve, MU-2B valve, F-1 Selector valve, and Feed valve and C3W Distributor valve used in different brand of GE , GM, EMD, ALCO, DLW and CLW Locomotives.

These valves testing test plate brackets are provided on the front panel of the test device and can be mounted the different brake valves on the concern test plate brackets and can conduct the tests.

Further the test device allows the user to identify the nature of defect in the brake valve during failures on the field.

Spl.Note: For testing 24-A Double Check valve, Auto Drain valve, Duplex Check valve, Check valves or any other brake valves also will be arranged with suitable test plates along with the hoses and quick couplers against customers request.


Combined Feed valve.
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Made in India

Combined Feed valve for ALCO, EMD, GE, GM and Electric Locomotives were the twin pipe systems are use to help the train brake release time faster.

Combined Feed valve are similar to WABCO D-24-B Feed valve. The Combined Feed valve – Valve portion can replace the D-24-B Feed valve - Valve portion on any brand of the Locomotive in the world without disturbing the existing pipe bracket and its pipe lines on the locomotive

Combined Feed valve is a Non-return valve type and the air pressure will flow in one direction and the delivery pressure will not return back.

Combined Feed valve are suitable for Locomotive Multiple unit operation and as well as for locomotive banking operation on any part of the train. During multiple unit operation, the trail locomotive Combined Feed valve and during locomotive banking operation the Combined Feed valve helps automatically to charge the train feed pipe.

Locomotives provided with Combined Feed valve are suitable to operate dead Locomotive at any place of the train during Dead Locomotive movement.


Auto Drain valve

Made in India

The Auto Drain valve is used for draining of moisture, oil, carbon, pipe scale etc from the main reservoir of locomotive.


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